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Slip-resistant Titan brand grey composite decking looks great and is textured to keep grip maximum grip even when covered in slippery lake gunk, simply power wash or scrub with a stiff-bristle brush (like a shower brush).


Bolts right through your dock or steel sea wall cap with 2-4 bolts for easy installation and removal at the end of the season. Adjustable front legs to level out the steps to the lake bed. Welded hand-rail down the right side when walking up the steps for safety and comfort.


Use size chart (above) to measure required depth from the lake bottom where the feet will sit, to the top of the dock where it will mount. It is always best to have the legs retracted than to be fully extended, so if you are on the edge between two sizes, it is best to go to the next size up.


Perfect for entry off the side of the dock into knee-waist deep water for kids, dogs and adults!


2 Step- 3' Wide Grey Composite Tread (19"-25" Height) - $397.00 plus tax


3 Step- 3' Wide Grey Composite Tread (26"-32" Height) - $436.00 plus tax

4 Step- 3' Wide Grey Composite Tread (33"-39" Height) - $506.00 plus tax

5 Step- 3' Wide Grey Composite Tread (40"-46" Height) - $645.00 plus tax

6 Step- 3' Wide Grey Composite Tread (47"-53" Height) - $783.00 plus tax

SUPERIOR Universal Boat Guides &

Boat Lift Step-Over



SUPERIOR Universal Boat Guides & Boat Lift Step


SUPERIOR Poly/ Aluminum Horizontal Boat Guide-Ons $399 plus 6% tax


SUPERIOR Boat Lift Step-Over (Aluminum Frame w/ Titan Composite Tread)  $219 plus 6% tax


We searched long and hard for an all-aluminum dock ladder that was lightweight, strong, good looking, and affordable. We didn't find one, so we had one built. This one has the option of flipping or bolting directly to the dock. Since a dock ladder is usually used with wet hands, we had a satin anodized finish put on for a better grip and a sharp look. With children running around, the soft curves of the tubes make for a safer dock environment, and more comfortable grip while using the ladder.


Easy to assemble with the provided instructions. 300 lb. weight limit. Tread spacing is 11" down from top of dock, 11" apart thereafter, i.e. the 4 Step HD Ladder has a 44" reach from top of dock to the bottom tread, works in up to 55" of water depth.


3 STEP HD LADDER w/o  flip kit  $182.00 plus 6% tax 

4 STEP HD LADDER w/o  flip kit  $198.00 plus 6% tax

4 STEP HD LADDER  (Most Popular) w/ flip kit   $209.00 plus 6% tax

5 STEP HD LADDER   w/ flip kit   $220.00 plus 6% tax

6 STEP HD LADDER w/o flip kit   $266.00 plus 6% tax


Pontoon Ladders

A great value in a 3 or 4 step angled ladder for your dock or pontoon. The standard "J" hook with Footman's loop attachment allows for quick and easy ladder removal. Purchase the optional Add-a-Ladder location kit and use the ladder for both the dock and pontoon. No-skid steps make for a safe and comfortable ladder. Easy to assemble instructions. 225 lb. weight limit.


Aluminum Pontoon/Dock 3 Step Ladder  $155.00 plus 6% tax 

Aluminum Pontoon/Dock 4 Step Ladder  $163.00 plus 6% tax 

Add-a-Ladder Location Loop Kit               $15.00 plus 6% tax




SUPERIOR Dock/ Pier/ Patio Benches- Titan Gray Composite Decking


Our own line of dock benches- SUPERIOR is made to last and look good while doing it! Lightweight, clean looking, and will last outlast your boat! Perfect for your dock/ pier platform, or even your lakeside patio for a low maintenance system that stays cool and comfortable. Requires drilling 4 holes in your dock for secure mounting, then easy on/off anually with just 4 bolts holding it in place.


SUPERIOR 4' Titan Gray Composite Dock Bench- $249.00 plus tax



WAVE ARMOR Composite Bench

51" Sandstone-Tan Poly Dock Or Patio Bench


WAVE ARMOR Brand 51" Wide Sandstone-Tan Poly Dock or Patio Bench, perfect for your dock platform or lakeside patio deck to give you a place to relax and have the best view of the lake.


Features molded cupholders in the armrests and comfortably fits 2-3 adults. 51" wide by 37" tall by 27" deep, includes bolts.


 WAVE ARMOR 51" Sandstone-Tan Poly Dock Bench- $399.00 plus tax

***All prices, available inventory, and product lines are subject to change without notice!***

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